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Not sure if I’m still getting actual readers here or if it’s just a bunch of splogs, but I never mentioned that I’ve switched blogging platforms and now contribute to a new blog.

If anyone actually reads this still and cares to check out my new blog, visit here.


It's interesting to see questions/arguments like this about a possible MySpace downturn after reaching a ridiculous "peak" of 80+ million registered users, and then to see article's like this one from Ad Age, discussing social networking sites recently securing major advertising opportunities with companies like Wendy's and Toyota

So, what is it? My guess is that, like others believe, the downturn talk is a bit premature. But, with more social networking copycats like Bebo.com popping up, you never know where the finicky teen and young adult markets will choose to go. 

Oh lord. Both good and bad news from JetBlue today.

JetBlue Airways Corp. won a government auction Friday for wireless spectrum that could be used to provide in-flight telephone, Internet, or entertainment services.

The winning bid of $7.02 million was placed through New York-based JetBlue's entertainment subsidiary, LiveTV LLC, which provides DirecTV service on JetBlue flights.

I think we can all agree that internet access would be beneficial to a ton of people, particularly those business travelers, but I'm going to pretend that the telephone option doesn't exist. I can't even imagine flying with people on the phone. I can't even stand the babies.


Someone please tell me that Wee Man from MTV's Jackass show and TJ Lavin from its Road Rules / Real World Challenge and also competitive BMX racing fame are not the same person. So what if one is a little person and the other of average height – they're the same!

As counselors, yes, we have a job to do, but often there are situations where we have no pull, no sway, no leverage. Greater success in this profession will come when you learn how to identify the situations you cannot change among the ones you can, and figure out how to work with what you can to make a program work.

For a while in my young career I was getting lost in the emotions of situations I couldn't change instead of focusing on the things I could and, more importantly, should.

Don't make the same mistake. Clients won't always listen or agree–even if you know you and your team are right–and it took me a while to really get that.

Sorry if this seems like an overly simplistic idea to most, but when you're starting out there's so much you must become technically proficient at that it's easy to forget all that other stuff.

MySpace IMMySpace's instant messaging client launched today, as some probably already know. It looks pretty clean and simple, but leaves a few remaining questions.

Surely MySpace, with its 60 million+ users, have a built-in user base for the client–which is all well and good–but that number in no way rivals that of the current market dominators (AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.). Introducing another client futher fragments the instant messaging market and makes me wonder how sustainable the MySpace app. really is. Granted, tons of people will download and use the software, but will they do away with the standbys? Doubtful.

With so many different protocols out there, it seems the best bets these days are on applications like Trillian or GAIM, which enable users to add each of their respective accounts into one buddy list – so you're operating with Yahoo! and AIM in the same window. If the MySpace client gets picked up in this way–being added to consolidated apps. like Trillian–then I can see it having a better chance at sticking around.

Steve also brings up a good point, that there is space in the IM window for an ad, but again, a la the Opera browser, how long will people put up with having ads they didn't ask for shoved in their face?

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