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It's interesting to see questions/arguments like this about a possible MySpace downturn after reaching a ridiculous "peak" of 80+ million registered users, and then to see article's like this one from Ad Age, discussing social networking sites recently securing major advertising opportunities with companies like Wendy's and Toyota.  So, what is it? My guess is […]

MySpace's instant messaging client launched today, as some probably already know. It looks pretty clean and simple, but leaves a few remaining questions. Surely MySpace, with its 60 million+ users, have a built-in user base for the client–which is all well and good–but that number in no way rivals that of the current market dominators […]

After a pointer from Shel Holz to Pageflakes, it’s now, too, my new home page. Essentially, it’s a portal that enables you to customize your main page, and create others, with really whatever you want … news, RSS feeds, weather, and even Gmail if you’ve got it all into one location. The feed reader/reading is […]