Jose Canseco Works Out at 24 Hour Fitness?


Jose Canseco testifying in DCThis was too unbelieveable to not record it, so sorry to those of you who don't care about sports. Went to the gym after work today and was just there doing my thing and then I look to my side and here comes none other than King Steroid himself, Jose Canseco. Of course, even in the all free weight area, he turned heads. I was watching more out of disbelief at what I was seeing. I guess he still hangs around the old Oakland hood.

No, I didn't pull a bash brothers move and clash forearms with him, it probably would have broken the bone, but I thought about it.


15 Responses to “Jose Canseco Works Out at 24 Hour Fitness?”

  1. 1 Blake

    That’s hilarious. I would have asked him if that was his first time working out :>.

    I just saw Mark Grace last weekend at a bar in the City. Man that guy is tan.

  2. 2 Ryan

    “Man that guy is tan.” HAHA. Is that all you noticed about him? THAT is hilarious.

    It was really strange yesterday. I’m just working out and dude walks by and me and the guy next to me look at eachother like, ‘was that? no way!’

  3. 3 Blake

    You should have said to Canseco – “aren’t you that guy from Surreal Life?”

    Yeah, Mark Grace was tan. It was too obvious to go unoticed. It had been raining cats and dogs here in the City and no one had seen the sun in months. Then Grace walks in straight out of the Arizona desert.

  4. 4 Ryan

    HAHA! I was considering saying, “Aren’t you Mark McGwire?” That probably wouldn’t have gone over too well. 🙂

    I guess the real question about Grace is, does he fake ‘n bake or is it real?

  5. 5 Mike

    Canseco in Oaktown. Love it. Also love that he was the guy whose cards I chose to collect as a kid…nice investment. Even trippier was the time he was at bat at the Coliseum, and I was walking the concourse, and passed…Jose Canseco. I was a little freaked out, and later learned that it was his twin brother Ozzie. Good thing there’s more than one Canseco roaming the earth…

  6. 6 Heidi

    Hi – I was googling for info on Canseco’s recent game with a senior league and came across this page. I’m just wondering – did Canseco move out of so Cal and up to Oakland?

  7. maybe Canseco is out of that league and playing at they have every sport you can imagine!Maybe he can form a winning team there!

  8. 8 Terri

    I saw Jose this weekend in Scottsdale Arizona. What an asshole. People were asking for a picture with him and he would say yes and then he would shut his eyes while the picture was being taken. What a jerk. He is way to tan, wearing lip gloss, and if you believe he is off the juice, think again. He looks so pumped up and drugged up. He could not carry on a conversation and at 2 am he asked my friend and I if we would like to go to breakfast with him. From all I have read about his shrunken balls…….I think not, wife beater/Meathead.

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