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Someone please tell me that Wee Man from MTV's Jackass show and TJ Lavin from its Road Rules / Real World Challenge and also competitive BMX racing fame are not the same person. So what if one is a little person and the other of average height – they're the same! Advertisements

This was too unbelieveable to not record it, so sorry to those of you who don't care about sports. Went to the gym after work today and was just there doing my thing and then I look to my side and here comes none other than King Steroid himself, Jose Canseco. Of course, even in […]

Say it ain't so, Matt. I try to avoid this stuff most of the time, but the sports angle drew me in. Celeb gossip site, sums all of this up nicely: On the one hand, Leinart's new star power is no surprise. The football star has a multi-million-dollar deal in the works with the […]