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Got a little behind with all of the holiday distractions. Hope those of you who graciously take the time to visit my blog had a wonderful holiday full of good food, friends and family. Now, back to business, hopefully without upsetting anyone this time. 😉 Steve Rubel, apparently my favorite blogger to link to thus […]

Just wanted to do a quick post to clarify one point. Here I am, four or five posts into this new blog and I’ve already seem have gotten under someone’s skin. Sorry about that Matthew. I didn’t say that comment search hadn’t been considered. If I did that, I would basically be saying it was […]

Before I get to the point of this post, I just have say that I really like the Performancing extension for Firefox, but for some reason it stopped functioning. Performancing came out with their 1.0.1 version with some nice new additions, but when I downloaded and installed it, it didn’t work. The little pad of […]

Ok. So, a couple of posts back I was critical of the new Performancing blogging extension for Firefox. But I must say, I’m using it now and quickly reconsidering my initial thoughts. Originally, I was critical of the lack of tagging, but that’s been fixed. Check. I was also critical of dragging and dropping text […]

I’m using the new Performancing blogging extension for Firefox to post this entry. In my last post I was critical of the extension because it still lacks some of the features I feel is necessary for an in-browser blog editor. Nevertheless, I’m giving it another shot, because, to be honest, I didn’t even post with […]

I heard about the Yankees signing Johnny Damon to a four-year, $52 million deal to play center field for them yesterday and just couldn’t believe it. Talk about sacraligious. How do you go from winning a World Series with the Bo-Sox to the F’in’ Yankees? I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when […]

I spent the majority of last night playing around with the StumbleUpon extension for Firefox. And man, what a riot. I had such a good time cruisin’ around, checking out all of the sites I was randomly sent to. It’s quite simple really. You just download the extension here and install it and you’re all […]