StumbleUpon Any and Everything


I spent the majority of last night playing around with the StumbleUpon extension for Firefox. And man, what a riot. I had such a good time cruisin’ around, checking out all of the sites I was randomly sent to.

It’s quite simple really. You just download the extension here and install it and you’re all set. Upon restarting the browser the Stumble! button appears as part of your toolbar. You can customize a little bit by specifying some basic interests like online games or open source and the results you receive when clicking through are tailored to your input.

I found so many fun little online games that I ended up spending the last two and a half hours of the night messing around with them. Sure, not my most productive two+ hours, but fun nonetheless.

In other extension news, the Flock browser just took a mild blow to its competitive edge over Firefox which, from my view, is the only browser that is out there that can competeFlock with the Flock browser. Essentially, Firefox (Barry Bonds of 1993) versus Flockfox (Barry Bonds of present day), make sense? Read up on Flock for a little bit more context than I’m in the mood to give right now. Ok, the point: the Performancing boys took a crack at replicating the functionality the Flockers were brilliant enough to already include in their browser. They made an extension that allows a person to blog directly within the browser.

Although a great extension, it has a long way to go in order to render Flock useless. The Peformancing for Firefox extension doesn’t allow you to create new tags, nor does it include the drag and drop utility like Flock. With Flock, when you drag text from an article or any other Web page, it automatically creates a block quote, and with this extension you don’t get that. Their version of drag and drop is just as useful as ctrl+c –> ctrl+v, a.k.a, copy/paste. I would imagine though that improvements to the extension will be made over time and these missing utilities will be added. So, Flockers, what says you about this? Anything interesting up those sleeves, or should I say under those feathers?

4 Responses to “StumbleUpon Any and Everything”

  1. StumbleUpon Any and Everything Yess!!

  2. Hi
    The Stumbleupon thingy is new to me, but I have find that its really a cool tool.

    I’m on a search for more tips & tricks
    Let me know if you got some.

    Thanks for the post.


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