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In an article from last Saturday, New York Times columnist, Dan Mitchell discusses Dave Sifry’s “State of the Blogosphere” and is far from complimentary of blogging on the whole, and I’m shocked. Aren’t you? A journalist critical of the medium that is, in part, increasingly putting journalists just like him out of work? (Note: I […]

Some great news being talked about/reported over at TechCrunch and Micro Persuasion, and probably others. BlogBurst, a service that takes content from pre-approved blogs and syndicates it to publishers like online newspapers and others, looks to be changing the game. The participating papers, thus far, include the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, and […]

No links included today, the offensive parties can remain nameless. It’s pretty discouraging when you can’t distinguish lively debate about the direction of PR and social media and a bunch of whining and talking in cirlcles. “My blog can beat up your blog.” Granted, the on-going debate within the blogging PR community is probably necessary […]

BusinessWeek has an excellent piece today on corporate blogging and the various ways it is being utilized by companies, however few. ” … only 22 of the 500 largest U.S. companies operate public blogs from their executive suites. That amounts to a measly 4.4%. Has the blogging sensation passed corporations by?” Certainly not. One thing […]

There’s a really great discussion taking place over at TechCrunch about the soon to launch 3Bubbles, a chat interface that can be added to blog posts automatically and enables live discussion. To be honest, this sounds really intersting, but a few questions come to mind — or should I say concerns. Many of these appear […]

Four jobs I’ve had * Dishwasher for a pizza joint * Food server * Front End assistant – Costco * Funiture pick-up Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over * Braveheart * Goonies * Varsity Blues * Reservoir Dogs Four TV Shows I Love to Watch * Sportscenter * Lost * Some random reality […]

The Valley seems to be on fire lately, and I know I’m not the first person to notice that the climate in tech right now feels like the boom. New start-ups are popping up everywhere, Web 2.0 has gone from buzzword to backlash, and yet the companies and innovation– sometimes pseudo-innovation–keep coming. I’ve been in […]