RSS is Everywhere!


Got a little behind with all of the holiday distractions. Hope those of you who graciously take the time to visit my blog had a wonderful holiday full of good food, friends and family. Now, back to business, hopefully without upsetting anyone this time. 😉

Steve Rubel, apparently my favorite blogger to link to thus far, again has some interesting thoughts — this time on the future of RSS. He says of the next year in RSS’s future: “It will be bolted into all kinds of connected devices, from cell phones to Sling Boxes to point of purchase displays. In addition, all kinds of new information will find its way into feeds, not just news and blogs.”

It’s that last part that really has my attention. Real Simple Syndication’s focus has been in the news arena – whether that be blogger written news or that from the “professionals”. But what else can be incorporated into feeds? Seemingly any kind of information, right?

This point was on display upon my most recent visit to Best Buy. I’m assuming I was just naive to the fact that RSS has made headway in retail, but I was shocked to notice that it was built into the store’s inventory systems. I had a hard time finding a specific music cd and had an employee check its stock for the particular item and, when searching for it, the results were displayed by RSS. Pretty cool stuff.

Real Simple Sydication, however “simple”, seems to be revolutionizing the way we track and find information. It’s just a shame that not that many Internet users are utilizing this increasingly convenient tool.

I will say this much though: If blogging is to find a permanent place in the world of news and information, then RSS is the ticket. Pajamas Media, which has caused a bit of a blogosphere ruckus lately, has the right idea, but the news portal model will die and aggregation will overtake it. It’s only a matter of time before news sites exist solely to provide the feeds of information instead of a standalone site dedicated to such.

I think I just made a prediction! Don’t crucify me.

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