I know you don’t care


So here we are. This is the fourth blog I’ve created and, thus far, the reason for me burning through URLs and services like some men burn through relationships is because I’m just not disciplined. I have plenty of spare time, but never seemed to prioritize maintaining a blog into the agenda. Usually the priority list goes: sleep, work, tv, “extracurricular activities that aren’t blogging”, sleep, otra vez. I’ve finally decided that I can’t keep going like that with as young as I am and with as much life I still have ahead of me. As of now, I’m just wasting the days and nights doing unproductive things. Yes, blogging might not always be the most productive use of time. However, the way I see it, I’ll at least be fine-tuning my writing and keeping my mind active instead of shutting off when I walk through the door.

Considering my habit of not conforming to typical ideals or habits, I’ve decided to continue that trend by starting a blog where I will not reveal my true identity, nor will I discuss specifically my career and the clients whom I work with. I will say this much: I work in public relations for a hi-tech firm. This may seem trivial to most, or even down-right immature or stupid, but I’m not one for being controlled. As of now, I can’t guarantee to my employer that they will love or even like anything I contribute to this blog, so its existance is frankly none of their business.

Will I try to make the content respectable and interesting? Sure. Will it always be rated G, PG or PG-13? Probably not, but who knows, maybe I’ll share this with my family or friends. I suppose I should share it with them, considering this blog has no topical direction, thus limiting the possible audience I could hope to attract. So, I’ll leave it at that for this first boring and nearly pointless post.

Til’ next time, kiddies.

5 Responses to “I know you don’t care”

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