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Shel Israel dishes a little advice to the McDonald’s blog team on ways they can improve their pretty pathetic attempt (thus far) at joining the blogosphere. He breaks it down for us: Start conversation with your customers Talk about a day in the life of a franchise owner Ask your customers what they want from […]

I’m walking on eggshells with this post because I’ve just entered PR, recently marking my one-year anny. But I, like many other PR professionals, must defend our industry. Tom Foremski is at it again. A couple of weeks ago we heard the now familiar “PR is dying” bit from him and it provoked plenty of […]

Well, it’s probably a little early to declare a “winner” between PR and Advertising — maybe there never will be one clear champion. I was always under the impression these two fields were supposed to be complimentary. Maybe it was just me. Out of a deep desire not to look like a fourth grader copying […]

No, this isn’t Extreme Makeover and no, I didn’t get any plastic surgery. What I did get was logical and less paranoid. I originally started this blog (not very long ago) with the intent of keeping my true identity out of it because I didn’t want to worry about what my employer or others would […]

It seems like huge announcements, like the one Steve Jobs made today at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, don’t carry as much weight as they used to — or at least not with me. These days the media, and hey, bloggers too, are so astute at dissecting the goings on in the technology sector […]

A little behind on blogging. The last few days have been pretty hectic. Anyway, I meant to throw something short up about this interesting article from Red Herring that discusses the “old media’s” difficulties adapting to the ways new media is altering the communications landscape. Most of us have heard about the ever-declining newspaper readership […]