Performancing for Firefox … one more try


Ok. So, a couple of posts back I was critical of the new Performancing blogging extension for Firefox. But I must say, I’m using it now and quickly reconsidering my initial thoughts.

Originally, I was critical of the lack of tagging, but that’s been fixed. Check. I was also critical of dragging and dropping text from a Web site into the blog editor because when you do pull something into a post it’s just as if you copied and pasted — there’s no noticeable indentation or indication that they aren’t my words. Nit-picky on my part? Yeah, probably a little.

Spell check is still missing, however, after checking out the Performancing site I see that you can download a plug-in or something to remedy that issue. I will go ahead and ask the obvious question here: why not just integrate it with the extension? **Jed, I would assume you’re all over this.

So, I’d say by not giving up on the extension after my initial knee-jerk reaction, it’s paying off. Performancing is a very nice, and quite polished blog editor. Needs improvement as does any other extension or software, but I understand that will come in time.

As far as potentially hurting other browser’s chances go, I’d venture to say that people should think bigger picture. Firefox is fantastic, there is no denying it, and clearly it carries with it a large community of innovators who are presumably continually re-writing code and attempting to improve the Firefox browsing experience. But that’s just it, I think what others are trying to get at is the bigger picture, not just extensions. It seems that they’re trying to integrate everything into the browser to make surfing the Web and contributing to it as seamless as possible. It’s just a shame that with the arrival of this new extension everyone feels the need to create controversy when there really is none. Open source people, open….source! It’s the nature of the beast.

Me? I’m a big picture kind of guy, and I’m perfectly content testing out everything. The browser market has plenty of room to grow after having been stagnant for so long. I’ll sit back in anticipation of what is coming next and from whom.

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