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This was too unbelieveable to not record it, so sorry to those of you who don't care about sports. Went to the gym after work today and was just there doing my thing and then I look to my side and here comes none other than King Steroid himself, Jose Canseco. Of course, even in […]

A great discussion is taking place over at Media Orchard about Barry Bonds and his need for a PR makeover. Ideas and suggestions are being thrown around in the comments section, so definitely drop by and throw your two cents in, or do it here.  Primary question: "His people call you tomorrow and offer a […]

I heard about the Yankees signing Johnny Damon to a four-year, $52 million deal to play center field for them yesterday and just couldn’t believe it. Talk about sacraligious. How do you go from winning a World Series with the Bo-Sox to the F’in’ Yankees? I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when […]