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A lot of brackets just busted. This is just too incredible to not record it … No. 11 George Mason, yes, George Mason University, defeated No. 1 UConn this afternoon, 86-84 in overtime, to advance to the Final Four. For UConn, devastating, for George Mason, it's as if they just won the lottery. What a […]

Not even going to try and link to all that has been said, claimed, yelled, screamed, or prophesized about how to engage bloggers, but will only say that, yes, transparency is an indisputable must, but also that it’s not just about transparency … I don’t mean to dehumanize members of the MSM, the structure is […]

After a pointer from Shel Holz to Pageflakes, it’s now, too, my new home page. Essentially, it’s a portal that enables you to customize your main page, and create others, with really whatever you want … news, RSS feeds, weather, and even Gmail if you’ve got it all into one location. The feed reader/reading is […]

This is great. Anyone paying attention to the news over the last week probably caught the news that Isaac Hayes, the voice of “Chef” on South Park, quit the show saying he could no longer tolerate the show’s religious “intolerance and bigotry.” Hayes, of course, is a Scientologist — the religion of choice for quite […]

This may not be very PR related, unless we analyze it from a national reputation point of view, but what is this country coming to? All political ideology aside, has the entertainment industry run out of ideas to the point where this is necessary? Reality TV in general, despite being highly addictive depending on the […]

It’s funny how the fear, uncertainty, and doubt – skepticism, essentially – that is ingrained in most decision-makers within enterprises instantly relegates PR counsel to the bottom of the priority stack. As it relates to emerging communication mediums, PR people are chartered with providing the advice, facts, logic, you name it, that our clients need […]

Self, don’t ever become a coffee snob. You know the kind, the non-fat, no foam, extra whip, extra hot, decaf cafe latte. Drives me insane. At the airport now and all I wanted was a straight, regular coffee. It took ten minutes just to get that, then I had to stand in line just to […]