Comment Search Comment Clarification


Just wanted to do a quick post to clarify one point. Here I am, four or five posts into this new blog and I’ve already seem have gotten under someone’s skin. Sorry about that Matthew. I didn’t say that comment search hadn’t been considered. If I did that, I would basically be saying it was my original idea, and we know that is far, far, faaar from the truth. I will admit, after re-reading, it does seem to imply that. However, I did end what I said with “it’s coming, I know,” as seen below.

In my mind, the logical progression was, first, internet search, then blog search, but with that did not come comment search. They’re part of the postings, blogs, and most importantly, the conversation. This means they have to be part of search, and they definitely have to part of measurment. To ignore comments is like listening to a telephone conversation, but only hearing one end of it and not asking what the person on the other end said. We know what the long tail is, so why can’t we measure it? It’s coming, I know.

As a consumer I have a right to expect, or at least hope for certain things, however unreasonable the expectation may seem to those who help make it happen. I don’t work in blog search or have knowledge of the technical side of things, but it was just my opinion as a consumer. I’m just sorry you were offended, or so it would seem.

Thanks for the link though, even if it was to call me out.

4 Responses to “Comment Search Comment Clarification”

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