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A little promotion for a colleague never hurt anyone, right? As long as it's for the great good. Well, Mike Manuel (a.k.a Media Guerilla) and a few other PR pros, including Jeremy Pepper, Giovanni Rodriguez, and Phil Gomes have come together to co-organize Third Thursday, "a new meetup for Bay Area PR and marketing folks […]

We heard about BlogBurst a while back when they were trying out their blog syndication to newspapers service with the likes of the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houton Chronicle, and the San Antonio News-Express. Now it appears the trial is over and they are set to officially launch Tuesday. Newspapers are looking to BlogBurst […]

Not even going to try and link to all that has been said, claimed, yelled, screamed, or prophesized about how to engage bloggers, but will only say that, yes, transparency is an indisputable must, but also that it’s not just about transparency … I don’t mean to dehumanize members of the MSM, the structure is […]