Third Thursday: Social Media in PR Meetup


A little promotion for a colleague never hurt anyone, right? As long as it's for the great good.

Well, Mike Manuel (a.k.a Media Guerilla) and a few other PR pros, including Jeremy Pepper, Giovanni Rodriguez, and Phil Gomes have come together to co-organize Third Thursday, "a new meetup for Bay Area PR and marketing folks interested in learning more about social media tools, trends and best practices, and their practical application in marketing and communications programs." 

See this post at Media Guerilla for more background on the meetup and details on the first one, slated for Thursday, April 20 at 6:30 p.m. in Palo Alto.  

To join the meetup group and to receive more information go here and signup.

2 Responses to “Third Thursday: Social Media in PR Meetup”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Mr. Lack. I see you’ve already registered, I take back all my jokes about your haircut.

  1. 1 business law pa wexford

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