BlogBurst to Launch Tuesday


We heard about BlogBurst a while back when they were trying out their blog syndication to newspapers service with the likes of the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houton Chronicle, and the San Antonio News-Express. Now it appears the trial is over and they are set to officially launch Tuesday.

Newspapers are looking to BlogBurst to provide expert blog commentary on travel, women's issues, technology, food, entertainment and local stories, areas where publishers may not have dedicated staff, Pluck Chief Executive Dave Panos said.

In return, a select group of popular bloggers are offered wider distribution for their writings, he said. The online syndicate drives traffic to blog sites, allowing featured bloggers to make money from resulting online advertising fees.

This is obviously a huge step forward in the direction of legitimizing blog content, but what does it mean for the little guys who produce great content, worthy of inclusion in some publications, but just don't have the high traffic that helps them get noticed like a Micropersuasion – which is one blog whose content is part of this? And, does this only further emphasize the need for transparency as more and more of the mainstream will be reading blog content?

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