George Mason in the Final Four!!!


A lot of brackets just busted. This is just too incredible to not record it … No. 11 George Mason, yes, George Mason University, defeated No. 1 UConn this afternoon, 86-84 in overtime, to advance to the Final Four. For UConn, devastating, for George Mason, it's as if they just won the lottery.

What a great story. From at-large bid to get into the tournament to one of the final four. It was such a great thing to see that I found myself rooting for the GMU Patriots to beat the team that I picked to win it all in my bracket. Of course my bracket didn't need George Mason to win to bust it, I was out a long time ago.

Congrats to GMU and to the Colonial Athletic Association.

Every year when tournament time comes, we hear the familiar "March Madness" catch phrase. Today, March Madness was taken to a new level.

8 Responses to “George Mason in the Final Four!!!”

  1. GMU is my alma mater and I am truly stunned. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I was so happy for them!

  2. 2 Ryan

    That’s awesome, Kami! It was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in college basketball. It’s scary though because they’re not done yet!

  3. Maybe not, but believe me, they have “made it” as far as we are concerned.

  4. 4 Ryan

    There is no doubting that they’ve “made it.” Defeated Michigen St., North Carolina, Witchita St., AND UConn … need I say more?

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