Note to Self …


Self, don’t ever become a coffee snob. You know the kind, the non-fat, no foam, extra whip, extra hot, decaf cafe latte. Drives me insane. At the airport now and all I wanted was a straight, regular coffee. It took ten minutes just to get that, then I had to stand in line just to put cream and sugar in my cup behind a lady putting a little … taking a sip (‘no, that’s not right’) … putting a little more cream and sugar … taking a sip (‘no, that’s not it’). AHH.

On top of that, I had to pay to use the internet. You would think that SFO could get some sort of deal with a service provider–in this case T-Mobile–and wire the whole damn place and provide it for free. As if the hundreds of dollars to travel and the strip search you have to go through to in wasn’t enough.

Next stop, Philly, PA.

2 Responses to “Note to Self …”

  1. Not to forget – the coffee is a rip off. I also remember paying two bucks for a cup of yogurt.

    Are you traveling for business or vacation?

  1. 1 michael vick poster

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