New Communications Forum – Initial Impressions


Found a little time to head over to the New Communications Forum here in Palo Alto to take in a couple of panel sessions. Overall, there was some very interesting content presented and discussions taking place. I plan to be more specific later, but I must say initially that it was very exciting for me to be there. It’s funny how many of us spend so much time reading the writings of other bloggers, PR and otherwise, and “know” them via that channel only to see them in the flesh. It’s was a strange experience, but a good one. At one point, I found myself in a room with a few heavy hitters from the blog world – Shel Israel, Shel Holz and Neville Hobson podcasting live and Voce’s own Media Guerilla, Mike Manuel. I felt out of place yet somewhat at home. Maybe I’m just weird.

7 Responses to “New Communications Forum – Initial Impressions”

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