Blogs Creep Into Newspaper Sites


Some great news being talked about/reported over at TechCrunch and Micro Persuasion, and probably others. BlogBurst, a service that takes content from pre-approved blogs and syndicates it to publishers like online newspapers and others, looks to be changing the game. The participating papers, thus far, include the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, and the San Antonio Express-News.

I suppose this is a logical step forward for the struggling MSM, but this makes me want to think bigger than a service like BlogBurst. With so many blog networks popping up everywhere, the 9Rules and Newsvines of the world, why not take advantage of larger groups of already categorically assembled blogs? Obviously, it may be a little early to consider this option because this will probably end up being the beginning of a trial run with blog syndication for the papers, but why not think a few steps ahead?

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  1. Blogs Creep Into Newspaper Sites

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